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Generac Power Systems, Sculpture Installation

Generac Power Systems contacted Pixel Black to execute their vision of a large sculpture installation to fill an atrium space located in their newly renovated world headquarters. Pixel Black worked with their creative department who conceived the design to insure their conceptual vision wasn't compromised. Pixel Black then took their concept and problem solve, fabricate and install the sculpture.

The piece was constructed out of fire rated MDF and Wilsonart brushed copper laminate. Each shape was drawn in AutoCAD, laminated with the metal and cut on large format CNC machines. The pieces were then edge banded with the the brushed copper, finished and mapped for the preparation of the install. A custom aluminum cleat system was devised and fabricated to insure the pieces were precisely placed and easy to install. With lifts and safety measures in place, the install team worked 4 days to complete the installation. The final product not only matched Generac's conceptual design but exceeded their expectations in the execution throughout the project and final results of the sculpture installation.


The idea was to create a sculpture installation in Generac's newly renovated headquarters that not only captured their product but also the companies innovation and forward direction of its future. Like the heart of their generators, a mechanical center was designed to represent the mechanical energy created from their coiled copper electrical conductor generators. The sculpture also represents the company by illustrating a visual movement. It implies their development and future as they bring innovation and technology to their products as leaders in the market. Wilsonart's, Satin Brushed Penny metal was used because it represented the coiled copper wire found at the core of their electrical conductor generators. The copper material also worked nicely with the signature orange color found in the companies graphic identity and branding. Their orange color is also predominate throughout the interior design of their headquarters.

Sculpture installation measures 20'H x 80'L or 1600sq ft.

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