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Product Photography for Milwaukee, WI 

And the WORLD

Pixel Black commercial product photography services were born from the request to photograph and retouch product images for a single source option to create spectacular product photography. We focus on studio and location product photography. In addition to location photography, we have developed a model of ship and shoot. Simply ship us your products and in return we will stage the shoot to your desired look and feel, photograph, retouch, and return the final images ready to go for web or print marketing use. Once the project is completed your products are packaged and returned.  It's that easy. 

We proudly say that all work completed by us in the Unites States. 

Some of the basics:

  • E-commerce Photography

  • Table Top Photography

  • Large Product Photography

  • On Figure Photography 

  • Location Photography

  • Advertising Photography 

  • Detail Photography

  • Packaging Photography 

  • *Photo Retouching Services 

We shoot with a Canon and light with Profoto equipment. 

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