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Design Build Services for Chicago, IL

And the WORLD

Pixel Black designs and builds fixtures, furniture, unique sets, backdrops and surfaces. We also design and build fixtures and stands to hold products for display, video or photography productions. We paint murals on wood or metal surfaces and faux finish unique textures on canvas for backdrops. We work in wood, metal, plastics and mixed media. Do you need the the clean look and feel of minimal or the warmth of rustic design? How about creating something off the wall like a pink bubble wrap 3D object. We can help bring an design idea to reality with our skilled artisans. 

Some of the basics:

  • Backdrops and Surfaces

  • Fixtures and Stands

  • Displays

  • Murals and Faux Finishes 

  • Signage and Graphics

  • Sculpture and 3 Demential Objects

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