Photo Editing Services

Our commercial photo retouching services put Pixel Black on the map and we've become the go-to for brands, agencies and photography studios. With team members retouching for over 20 yrs, it has allowed us to master all types of shooting conditions and the edits they require. We turn a good photo into an engaging show stopper.  

From retouching a production studio shoot of parts and pieces for a catalog or web store to location lifestyle photographs, architecture and environments for ad marketing, Pixel Black delivers. We also provide studio photography and package it with your retouching needs.  

Some of the basics:

  • Photo Editing

  • Color Correction

  • Backgrounds Edits

  • Blemish & Reflections Corrections

  • Clipping Path, Object Removals / Additions 

  • Merge Photos

  • Advanced Effects

  • Layered Image Files

  • Studio Photography Services

Contact Us To Conduct A Sample Image

Pixel Black offers a free photo retouching sample for new clients or a new project. We believe its best to show you what we can do, not tell you.

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