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About Pixel Black

Pixel Black creates brand driven content. We excel in photo retouching, product photography, distributed marketing design, graphic and asset creation for web and print. Our tool box also contains conceptualizing and creating video animation and animated graphics. Our creative project development and management will drive your projects from conception to successful launch. 

Pixel Black started organically and was driven by needs to fill a void. Our services are based on the work we truly enjoy and get excited about. Pixel Black was conceived with the idea that we could focus our offerings to clients and deliver the same quality content but at lower costs. We leave enough meat on the bone for clients who subcontract our services. Through value engineering and quality work, we help our clients avoid the feeling that they need to cut corners due to a budget and sacrifice the quality work they deserve. We like to maintain those big ideas and don't like to see them get deflated. Pixel Black is based in Milwaukee and working throughout Chicago but we boast our agile work platform so we are perfect for national clients and projects. 

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