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Project Management in Milwaukee, WI

Think of Pixel Black as a modern day general contractor with new tools. While known for managing our focused services such as photo and video productions, Pixel Black's project management ranges the spectrum of Creative Project Development and Management and it has been growing and adapting for 20 years. We are uniting our experience in photography production, photo retouching, digital design, animated graphics and video animation with the goal of crafting creative projects.

We're idea people, with the knowledge and resources to get your concept or project completed on time and on budget. Share your big ideas and needs with us, learn how we can help. We feel alive and get inspired by turning a concept into reality. 

Some of the basics:​

  • Project Development & Management

  • Photo Shoots & Photo Retouching

  • Video animation

  • Interactive Kiosks & Displays

  • Custom Fabricated Woods, Metals, & Plastic Elements

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