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Harley-Davidson Photo Retouching

Pixel Black has worked closely with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company for years on the New Model and Mid Year motorcycle release by photo retouching their new lineup. The provided raw studio photos serve as the base for our work. We knockout the background and motorcycle components then get to work cleaning up paint, chrome, dirt, tires, rims, and the engine. The finished photos are then used as the foundation to add and remove parts and accessories for different international configurations as well as changing the motorcycles colors and tank graphics. This saves the motor company from having to build and shoot the motorcycles and all their configurations in the studio. The photos shown here are parts of our completed project of the new Harley-Davidson 2018 Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight Special, released in February 2018. The photos are used in the owners manuals and across marketing materials.

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