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Technology Intergration in Milwaukee, WI

Pixel Black technology integration gets tech into the real world. We make this integration comfortable for the user and develop the WOW factor in the experiences users have with a brands image,  product or service. 

We specialize in designing and building rich marketing, informative and learning experiences using image recognition, augmented reality and virtual reality experiences as well as voice, ibeacons and geo fencing. We capture the data and user engagements to show our success. 


We break the boundaries by using IR, AR, VR & Voice to shape the real word around us and how we use this technology to enhance our physical surroundings and products. We bring you the 6th sense of experience. 

Some of the basics:

  • Product Marketing

  • Merchandise

  • Packaging

  • Displays / POP 

  • Print Ads 

  • Video

  • Retail

  • Museum

  • Showrooms

  • Training & Instructions 

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